Homemade Beauty Tips For Healthier Skin

Nowadays we are going green in more and more areas of our lives, and this should also be happening when dealing with beauty products and especially skin products. Going green means going natural, and going natural means using healthy and natural solutions instead of chemical ones. The benefits are obvious: nurture better healthier skin with a long lasting effect. Let’s take a closer look at some home made treatments for your skin.

To put this into practice you will need a carefully devised beauty regimen that begins with determining exactly what the type of your skin is. The diverse skin categories include greasy, dehydrated, ordinary, mixture and sensitive. These assorted types react in different ways to the different sorts of skin products, so you always need to identify your skin type before deciding what products are ok for you to use.

Whatever your skin type is, the first step to achieving better skin is to apply a tested and proven cleansing technique that is appropriate for your particular type of skin. You can look through the various beauty products available, while also using homemade beauty cleansers to avoid chemicals that might have side effects.

What Does A Cleanser Do?

A properly applied cleansing technique will enable you to get rid of dirt and any excess oil your skin might have – these may be clogging your pores thus enabling certain unwanted skin conditions like acne or blemishes. One natural homemade item you can use to cleanse your skin is good old warm water. Use something soft to dip into the water and cleanse your skin all over your body.

When this is done, you could use toner as the next step, but some may find it unnecessary. If you have oily skin however, toner can help you a great deal to get rid of some of that excess oil and truly clean up your pores. And you don’t have to use it on a daily basis for it to be effective. Always look for recipes to create your own toner, and avoid buying a chemical one. (apple cider vinegar/ aloe vera/ lemon juice/ cucumber to name a few).
The next step is exfoliation. This is the part of any healthy beauty routine that deals with having great healthy skin. By removing dead skin cells you’ll unlock your skin’s full potential in absorbing those natural beauty products, and will result in you have prettier skin. If you skip this step, you results won’t be as noticeable, so don’t make this mistake. This is how you make sure that your efforts are rewarded to their full potential.

Finally, now is the time to get a good moisturizer that is appropriate for the type of skin you possess. A word of caution here, with so many moisturizers available on the market, and so many skin types, you are going to have to try various brands before you find the one that works best for you. This isn’t an exact science, but finding the product that moisturizes your skin properly is a must.

You can and should try a homemade moisturizer first and see how it works for you. A popular one is made out of one half cup olive oil, one half cup coconut oil, one fourth cup beeswax pellets and 10 drops of essential oils. This one usually works best for dry skin.

Try the natural way of taking care of your skin, and then check out quality skin care products that will work wonders for making your skin look more beautiful.